Volume Pills g in sight. Several coral islands were passed, the first of which was inhabited, and, after the Volume Pills dreary mountains of Tierra del Fuego, ap.peared a terrestrial Paradise. It was an almost circular band of land, with here and there cocoa nut trees rising out of it, and enclosing a large lagoon. The natives appeared to be tall, of a copper colour, with long black hair, and they held in their hands poles of considerable length. This was Volume Pills called Lagoon Island, others, from their shape, obtained Volume Pills the names of Bow Island, Chain Island, and and Bird Island. About noon on the 9th of April Volume Pills the high mountains of Otaheite were faintly discerned, but owing Volume Pills to calms the ship Volume Pills did not come to an anchor in Matavia Bay until the morning of the Volume Pills 13th. She was immediately surrounded by canoes, their crews bringing off fruits and fish, and waving green branches as a sign of friendship. These were taken by the seamen and placed in different parts of the ship, to show the nat.ives that their visitors also wished for peace. Strict rules were now laid down by the commander for the government of his peo

ple while on shore. He then landed with Mr Banks and Dr Solander, and a party of men under arms. The natives received them in the most humble manner, the first Volume Pills who approached creeping up on his hands and Volume Pills knees to Volume Pills present a green branch as an emblem of peace. After examining a stamina enhancer place to Volume Pills ascertain if it was suitable for watering purposes, the party marched three or four miles into the interior through groves of trees loaded with cocoa nuts and bread fruit, affording the most Volume Pills grateful shade. Numerous huts were seen under these trees, which Volume Pills in the daytime had the appearance of roofs without walls. At night mats were let down, to Volume Pills afford such so young formula male enhancement male sexual enhancement in cvs privacy as the habits of the people in that genial clim. ate required. All this time herbalife male enhancement pills none of the principal persons of the island had made their appearance. After the ship had been there a couple of days, two chiefs, Matahah and Tootahah, came off, the first fixing on Mr Banks monster test supplement review Volume Pills as his friend, and the latter on Captain Cook. The ceremony of making friends was gone through. It consisted in the natives taking off the greater part of their clothing a

Volume Pills

nd putting on that of their visitors. Their dress was formed of the bark made from the paper mulberry tree. Captain Cook, Mr Banks, and others went on shore with their new friends, where they met another chief named Tabourai Tamaide, and formed a treaty of friendship with him. During a feast with which he entertained his visitors, Dr Solander and Mr Monkhouse found that their pockets had been picked, the one of an opera glass, the.other of his snuffbox. The chief showed his concern, and offered several pieces of native cloth as a compensation. This, however, was refused. Volume Pills The chief going out, by the Volume Pills aid of a sage woman, recovered the articles, and restored them to Volume Pills their owners. One of the Volume Pills first objects to be attained was the erection of a fort, to protect the astronomical instruments. The Volume Pills spot was soon fixed upon, away from the habitations of the natives, and a party of men sent on shore to commence operations. While the principal officers were away, Volume Pills a Volume Pills number of people gathered round to watch what was going on, and one of them, rushing forward, seized a sentry s musket, and m

ade off with it. Without consideration, a midshipman ordered the marines to fire, which they did, but did not hit the thief. He, however, being pursued, was at length s. hot dead. Volume Pills Notwithstanding this, the chiefs behaved with great moderation, and seemed satisfied that the act was not in Volume Pills consequence of any hostile feeling, though death was far too severe a punishment Volume Pills for the crime Volume Pills the man elite test booster had committed. Cook was greatly annoyed at this incident. He considered it prudent, however, to warp the ship closer in, to protect his people while engaged on shore, as he feared, in consequence of no natives coming near the ship, that they might be attacked. Before long, Volume Pills however, the natives got over their alarm, and brought propitiatory gifts of the usual green boughs. So confident was Cook of their good feeling that Volume Pills he allowed his officers to make excursions into the country. black plus male enhancement review revive gold male enhancement review Crossing a belt of fertile land on the best rated male enhancement wipes side of the harbour, they reached a range of barren hills. Beyond them Volume Pills again th. ey descended into a wide plain, watered by best blood flow pills a river nearly a hundred yards wide. The plain was