Stamina Pills t from Edinburgh. The remains of several Roman camps are to be seen in its neighbourhood, and one of the Stamina Pills hills bears the marks of having been a volcano. Sir Walter Scott s residence at Abbotsford is within a few miles. VYVYAN. ON WAITS. To the Editor of the Mirror. MR. EDITOR, It may not be unacceptable to many of your readers to receive some elucidation of.a custom which is still prevalent at the present season. I allude to the waits, who visit us in the Stamina Pills Stamina Pills month of December, with instrumental music, going from house to house. Waites , or waits , Stamina Pills formerly wayghtes is derived from the latter noun, and originally signified hautbois , or Stamina Pills hautbois, as we have it in English, of which it is not unworthy remark, there is no singular number. From the Stamina Pills instrument its signification was, after a time, transferred to the performers themselves concerning whom, it is well known.the appellation is now applied to all who follow the practice above adverted to, especially those who, at the Stamina Pills approach of. Christmas, salute us with their nightly concerts. The wayghtes of ancient times were, as some historians say, so called, because they attended or waited on potentates, judges, magistrates, an

. d bodies corporate, pomp and processions, c. they were also sometimes appointed to keep a sort of Watch at night, and Stamina Pills were then generally decorated with superb dresses, splendid cloaks, c. In Rymers Fardera there is chinese herbal male enhancement medicine store in long island ny an account of such an establishment, of Stamina Pills the minstrels and waites who were in the service of the court Stamina Pills of Stamina Pills Edward IV. wherein is mentioned a waite that nighteleye, from Michaelmas to Shrove Thorsday, pipeth the watch within this court i. fewer times, in the somere nightes iij. times. Todd derives the term waits from wahts , Goth. nocturnal itinerant musicians, Beaumont and Fletcher Bayley, on account of their waiting on magistrates, c. or of guet , a watch or from the French guetter , to watch, because anciently they kept medicine for improving male enhancement a sort of watch a Stamina Pills night. From what I have narrated, then, it appears that the persons f. ormerly called 1 penis waites, or waits, were musical watchmen, the word implying obees. They were, in fact, Stamina Pills minstrels, at first annexed to the king s court, who sounded the watch every night and in towns preexisting heart disease and male enhancement pills paraded the streets during winter, to prevent theft, c. At Exeter they were set up, with a regular salary, in male stamina enhancement pills 1400 and although suppressed by the Puritans, we

Stamina Pills

re reinstated in 1660. M.A. Boyer, in his French and English Dictionary , Rivington. 1747, under Stamina Pills the word waits , s. has the following in Stamina Pills the French, sorte de hautbois , ho boy, corresponding with the signification of the term waits, as itinerant or wandering music or musicians. These nocturnal perambulators, it seems, were anciently called, Stamina Pills as they now are, waits and persons, bearing the same name, still go about our streets during the month of December, previous to t.he 25th. Whatsoever may be the reasons Stamina Pills or the motives of those maunderers who now call themselves waits , I must leave for the consideration of such as are favoured with their visits. I am of opinion it can have neither allusion nor similitude to the Christmas carol as some have suggested, which was an imitation, however humble, of The glory to God on high, c. as sung by the angels who hovered over Stamina Pills the fields of Bethlehem on the morning of our Saviour s nativity. It is true, indeed, that our modern angels, the waits of 1897, have hovered about , and they may without a pun be styled angels of darkness , not only on account of the watch they keep a nights , but on account of those spirit uous propensities ,

best natural sleep aid for the Stamina Pills phallosan forte gains attainment of which, principally, some have supposed, we are indebted to them for their waits , and also f. or their wait ing upon us on the day ycleped boxing day. But to return Stamina Pills to our subject independent of the water penis pump results origin of the waits, or of the persons so Stamina Pills called, as relates to Stamina Pills the institution in England, which is, comparatively, Stamina Pills of modern Stamina Pills date, it appears volume plus pills there were peculiar to the Romans a description of individuals, who, in their offices and character, answered to our waits, and from whom there is Stamina Pills no doubt Stamina Pills best sex pills without side effects the latter were derived these, among the Romans, were called spondaulae , from which I conceive