Sex Pills For Men worked their guns and fired with great briskness, Sex Pills For Men until they supposed Sex Pills For Men that another broadside was ready to be fired, when they acted as before. The plan adopted by the commodore, however, rendered this practice of theirs impossible. At the news of a Sex Pills For Men sail being in sight, the ship s company had no.doubt that Sex Pills For Men this was one of the galleons, and they expected soon to see the other. The Centurion stood on until about half past seven, when the stranger could be seen from her deck, and no doubt remained that she was Sex Pills For Men one of the long sought for ships. The hopes of the Centurion s crew rose high, and all hands with alacrity Sex Pills For Men hastened to their stations. At length the galleon fired a gun and took in her topgallant sails, which was supposed to be a signal for her consort to hasten up. The Centurion , therefore, fired a gun to leeward in order to amuse her. The commodore was surprised all this time to find that the galleon did not alter her course, but continued to bear down upon her, for he hardly believed what afterwards appeared to be the case that her captain knew his ship to be the Centurion , and had resolved to her. About noon the Centurion was a little more than a league from th

e galleon, and could fetch her wake, so that she could not now escape. No second ship appearing, it was concluded that she had been separated from her consort. Soon after the galleon hauled up her foresail, Sex Pills For Men and brought to under Sex Pills For Men her topsails, with her head to the northward, hoisting Spanish colours, and having the standard of Spain Sex Pills For Men on the topgallant will extenze make you bigger masthead. The Centurion now rapidly neared the galleon. A little after noon there were several squalls of wind and rain, which often obscured the latter from sight but whenever it cleared up, she was penis enlargement therapy herbal medicine for male enhancement observed resolutely lying to. Towards one o Sex Pills For Men clock, the Centurion hoisted her broad pennant and colours, she being then within gunshot of the enemy. The Spaniards, the commodore observed, had neglected t. o clear their ship, they being engaged in throwing overboard cattle and lumber. He gave orders to fire upon them with the chase guns, to Sex Pills For Men prevent them from completing their work. The galleon returned the fire with two of her stern Sex Pills For Men royal master male enhancement 6ct bottle chasers. Soon where do they sell male enhancement pills after the Centurion came abreast of her, within pistol shot, keeping to leeward for the purpose of preventing her from putting before the wind and getting away. Now the engagement commenced in earnes

Sex Pills For Men

t. For the first half hour the Centurion overreached the galleon, and lay on Sex Pills For Men her bow. By the greater wideness of the ports of the former, she could traverse almost all her guns, while the galleon could only bring a part of hers to bear. Scarcely had the action begun, Sex Pills For Men when the mats with which the Sex Pills For Men galleon had stuffed her netting took fire and burned violently, blazing up half as as the mizen top. This accident threw the enemy into great confusion, and the commodore feared lest the galleon should be burned, and his ship suffer by driving on board her. The Spaniards at last, however, freed themselves from the fire by cutting away the netting and tumbling the whole mass into the sea. Still the Centurion kept her advantageous position, firing her guns with great regularity whilst, at the same time, the topmen, who having at their first volley driven the Spaniards from their tops, made great havoc with their small arms, killing or wounding every officer but one that appeared Sex Pills For Men on the quarter Sex Pills For Men deck, and wounding in particular the general of the galleon himself. After the engagement had lasted half an hour, the Centurion fell alongside the galleon, the decks of which her grape shot sw

ept Sex Pills For Men so Sex Pills For Men male enhancement fraud effe. ctually, killing and wounding male sexual stimulant Sex Pills For Men male enhancement diaper a great number, that the Spaniards were thrown into the greatest disorder, as could be seen from on board the Centurion. The Spanish officers were observed running about to prevent desertion by the men from their quarters but all their endeavours were in vigrx plus side effects reviews vain and at last, having fired Sex Pills For Men five real skill male enhancement reviews or six guns, Sex Pills For Men the galleon s colours being already burnt, the standard at her main top gallant masthead was struck. Sex Pills For Men The seaman who did th