Sex Pill laves in Spain. Discovering that such was the case, Columbus ordered that they should be restored immediately to their homes, and, giving them numerous presents and clothing, he sent them on shore. Proceeding on, they anchored in a deep gulf a little way beyond Cape Cabron. The natives were found Sex Pill to be of a ferocious aspect, hideously painted. Their hair was long, tied behind, and decorated with coloured feathers some were armed with war clubs others had bows as long as those used by English archers, with slender reed arrows pointed with bone or.the teeth of a fish. Their swords Sex Pill were of palm wood, as hard Sex Pill and heavy as iron, not sharp, but broad, and capable, with one blow, of cleaving Sex Pill through a helmet. Columbus fancied that they must be Caribs, but an Indian on board assured him that the Caribbean Islands were much farther off. They made no attempt, Sex Pill however, at first, to molest the Spaniards. One Sex Pill of them came on board the Admiral s ship. Various presents having been given him, he was

sent growth enhancements again on shore in one of the boats. As she approached, upwards of fifty savages, armed with bows, arrows, Sex Pill war clubs, and javelins, were seen lurking Sex Pill among the trees. The Indian, however, speaking to them, they laid by their arms, and parted with two of their bows to the Spaniards. Suddenly, however, mistrusting does vigrx plus really work their visitors, they Sex Pill rushed Sex Pill back to where they had left the. ir weapons, and returned with cords as if tainted male enhancement pills to bind the Spaniards. The excitement video york male enhancement latter on this immediately vigrx safe attacked them, wounded Sex Pill two, and put the rest to flight, and would have pursued them had they not been restrained by the commander of the boat. This was the first time native blood, soon to flow so freely, was shed by the white man in the New World. It greatly grieved Columbus thus to see his efforts to maintain a friendly intercourse frustrated. Next day, notwithstanding the above occurrence, when a large party went Sex Pill on shore, the cacique who ruled over the neighbourhood came down to meet them, and sent a wampum belt as

Sex Pill

a token of Sex Pill amity. The cacique, with only three attendants, without fear entered the boat, and was conveyed on board the caravel. Columbus highly appreciated this frank, confiding conduct, and, having plac.ed biscuits and honey and other food before his guests, shown them round the ship, and made them several presents, he sent them back to the land highly gratified. No other interruption occurred to their friendly intercourse. Four young Indians who came on board gave such glowing accounts of the islands to the east, that Sex Pill Columbus prevailed on them to accompany him as guides. He also wished Sex Pill to visit two islands which he fancied to exist, one inhabited by Amazons, and the other by men but a favourable breeze springing up for Spain, and observing the gloom in the countenances of the seamen, knowing as he did also Sex Pill their insubordinate spirit, and the leaky state of the ships, Sex Pill and that, should they founder, his Sex Pill glorious discovery would be lost to the civilised world, he deemed it wise to st

eer directly homewards. The fav. ourable breeze, however, soon rush male enhancement instructions died away, and for the remainder of the voyage light winds from the eastward prevailed. Sex Pill The Pinta also sailed buy chinese male enhancement pills wholesale badly, her foremast being so defective that it could carry but little sail. In the early part of February, having run to about the thirty eighth degree of north latitude, they got out of the track of buy male enhancement landing page the trade winds, and once Sex Pill more were able to steer a direct Sex Pill course. The pilots, by the changes of their courses, at length got perplexed but Columbus kept so careful a Sex Pill reckoning that he felt Sex Pill sure of their position. The two principal pilots made out that they were one hundred and fifty male enhancement no headache leagues nearer Spain than he knew to be non prescription ed medicine the Sex Pill case. Sex Pill He, however, allowed them to remain in their error, that he alone might possess a knowledge of the route to the newly discovered countries. By his cal. culation they were not far off from the Azores. On the 12th of February a strong gale with a heavy sea got up, and the next day the wind an