Extend Pills ntained three hundred houses. They then ravaged the fields, orchards, and Extend Pills gardens, and burnt four large ships building on the stocks. The Spaniards not daring again to molest them, the Content was hauled on shore and graved, and on the 5th of June the squadron sailed from Puna, and brought up to obtain water at a Extend Pills place named Rio Dolce. Extend Pills Here, for want of Extend Pills men, the Hugh Gallant was burnt. After having sighted the coast of New Spain on the 9th of July, they took what proved to them a valuable prize, a ship of one hundred and twenty tons, on bo.ard of which the pilot was a certain Michael Sancius. Having no special love for the Spaniards, he told the Admiral that a rich galleon, the Santa Anna , was shortly expected from Extend Pills the Philippine Islands. This news exhilarated the hearts of the rovers, who hoped that she might prove as rich an argosy as that taken by Drake. The rest of the crew, six in number, with the ropes and fire wood, being transferred to the Desire , the prize was set on fire. The next day anoth

er vessel was captured, engaged in warning the inhabitants that the English were on the coast, as also grow a bigger penius intended to give information to the galleon of her danger. cvs pharmacy male enhancement The crew had got on shore, Extend Pills so their vessel Extend Pills was burnt. Putting into Acapulco, they found a bark laden with cocoas and anil. They here landing, burnt the town, the church, and the custom house. in which latter they found golden stud male enhancement six hundred bags of anil, to dye cloth, each bag being worth forty crowns, Extend Pills the male enhancement coffee and Extend Pills four hundred bags of cocoas, each worth ten crowns. These cocoas served in the country Extend Pills both for food and money, one hundred and fifty of them being Extend Pills valued at one real of silver. They resemble an almond in appearance, but are not so pleasant in taste. The people both eat them and make a drink of them. This appears to be the first time the English zylix plus male enhancement system price met with the berry now in such general use. After various adventures on shore, the vessels came off the haven of Extend Pills Puerto Extend Pills de Navidad, when thirty of the crew went on shore in the pinnace. They here surprised a mu

Extend Pills

latto in his bed, who was travelling with letters warning the people along the coast of the proceedings of Extend Pills the English. His letters were captured, his horse kill.ed, and the houses of Extend Pills the town set on fire, as also were two new ships on the stocks, of two hundred tons each but the messenger was allowed to go free. On the morning of the 9th of Extend Pills September Cavendish sent Captain Havers with forty men Extend Pills on shore, and under the guidance of Michael Sancius they made their way two leagues up the country. Here they surprised three householders, with their wives and children, and some Indians, a carpenter, who was a Spaniard, and a Portuguese. They were all bound and compelled to accompany the seamen to the Extend Pills beach. The wives were here set at liberty on Extend Pills condition of obtaining a supply of plantains, Extend Pills lemons, oranges, pineapples, and other fruits, of which, in a short time, they brought a large supply. On this they and their husbands were allowed to depart, but Sembrano, the Spanish carpent.er, and Diego, the Portugue

male enhancement pills at wawa se, were detained to make themselves useful on board. Crossing the Tropic of Cancer, the maximum powerful male enhancement ebay English came to an anchor off a little island Extend Pills a league to the northward male enhancement plr of Mapatalan. Here one of their prisoners escaped by swimming across to the mainland, a distance of a mile. They were now in great want of water, and on first landing did not believe that it could be found on the island but one of their Spanish prisoners, called Flores, told them Extend Pills Extend Pills that if they would dig in the sand they could procure it. This they did, and after getting down about three feet, it bubbled up in such profusion that they in a short most effective male enhancement products time were able to fill all Extend Pills their casks. They remained here until the 9th of October, when again sailing, doterra male enhancement testosterone they came off the Cape of Extend Pills Extend Pills Saint Lucar, which greatly resembles the Needles of the Is. le of Wight. Here, according to the information received from Sancius, they expected to fall in with the Manilla galleon. The Desire and Content , therefore, beat up and down off the headland of Extend Pills California, a bright lo