Dick Extender st Point The quantity of merchandise which may be traded with and that which, contrary Dick Extender to the prohibition, is brought Dick Extender from the Western Indias to the Filipinas. By decrees of Dick Extender his Majesty, of January 11, 93, and of July 9 and 5, 95, the trade of the Western Indias with China and the Filipinas Islands is prohibited. It is only permitted therein that the citizens of the Fil.ipinas may trade with Nueva Espana and that two ships, each Dick Extender of no more than three hundred toneladas, shall sail from Nueva Espana every year, in which may be Dick Extender sent 250,000 pesos of Tepuzque 6 in coin, and which may carry back the proceeds thereof in merchandise, which, under fixed penalties, shall not exceed another 250,000 pesos that is, in all, 500,000 pesos. Notwithstanding these prohibitions, and although the same is also commanded by other decrees to be strictly observed, two million reals are usually taken out of the Indias for the Filipinas, according to advices from the viceroy Dick Extender of Nueva Espana, and from Senor Don Bernardino de Avellaneda. Seco

nd Point To whom it is permitted to trade and traffic in the Filipinas Islands. By the extenze dietary supplement aforesaid decree, it is permitted solely to the citizens of the said islands, for th. e space of six years. This license is not to be renewed, and trade and commerce is unqualifiedly prohibited to any other person whatsoever of the Western Indias, under the penalty of confiscation of his merchandise. Nevertheless, under cover of Dick Extender commissions, the citizens of both Piru and Nueva Espana engage in trade, and they send their money in the ships going from Nueva Espana some registered, and some secretly. Third Point That Chinese merchandise be not brought to Piru. By the same decree it is resuts of nitridex for male enhancement ordered that the merchandise Dick Extender brought to Nueva Espana from the Filipinas be not taken to the best male enhancement cream Piru and Dick Extender Tierra Firme and Dick Extender that the goods Dick Extender which had already been spartan male enhancement reviews brought be disposed of Dick Extender within four years. By another decree of the same date, like commands were given and that the merchandise vigrx plus review brought to Nueva Espana be either Dick Extender consumed the. re or sent to Espana. Never

Dick Extender

theless, this merchandise is taken to Piru under pretense of being that of Castilla. Hence arise many difficulties, and the commerce of Espana with Piru and Tierra Firme is ceasing, and merchandise from Espana is not sent to Piru. If this be not Dick Extender checked within a few years, it is agreed by all that the trade of Espana in merchandise with Tierra Firme, Piru, and Nueva Espana will cease. Fourth Point The Dick Extender ships which must be used in the trade, to whom they shall belong, and what has been permitted by the viceroys. By the decree of January 11, 93, it is permitted that for this trade two ships, each of no more than three hundred toneladas, may sail annually from Nueva Espana to China. They may bring in return the property which is to come, and no ships belonging to private persons Dick Extender shall be sent. T.here shall be three ships, in order that one may remain at the port of Acapulco for repairs. They will sail at the expense of his Majesty, and the Dick Extender cost will Dick Extender Dick Extender be paid by their freight charges and Dick Extender the cargoes that they carry. This

order was altered Dick Extender by the viceroy, the administration of two ships having been given to private persons in 99, for this male extenders trade, with the power purity products male enhancement of appointing the officers thereof, with salary, and license to take freight, as will be stated later under the twelfth point. Fifth Point The appointment of the commanders and officers of which penis enlargement pills work said ships, and their number the expenses incurred by them and the question whether it will be expedient Dick Extender to reduce their salaries. By male enhancement pills naturally huge the decree of his Majesty referred to in Dick Extender the letter of January 11, 93, sent to Gomez Perez das Marinas, governor of the Filipinas, permis. sion is given to the viceroy of Nueva Espana to appoint the pilots and officers of the Dick Extender ships bound for the Filipinas. Complaint is now made of this, from the islands, that there is Dick Extender great expense to the royal exchequer, in that the viceroys, Dick Extender in order that there may be offices in which to place extagen official website their followers, multiply those of the ships and, although they have the right to appoint one pilot to a ship, they Dick Extender appoint a captain g