Cum Pills man possesses. THE ORACLE. You mean that you have no imagination NAPOLEON forcibly I mean that I have the only imagination worth having the power of imagining things as they are, even when I cannot see them. You feel yourself my superior, I know nay, you are my superior have I not bowed my knee to you by instinct Yet I challenge you to a test of our respective powers. Can you calculate what the methematicians call vectors, without putting a single algebraic symbol on paper Can you launch ten thousand men across a frontier and a chain of Cum Pills mountains and know to a mile exactly where they will be at the end of seven weeks T.he rest is nothing I got it all from the books Cum Pills at my Cum Pills military school. Now this great game of war, this playing with armies as other men play with bowls and skittles, is one which I must go on playing, partly because a man must do what he can and not what he would like to do, and partly because, if I stop, I immediately lose my power and become a beggar in the land where I now Cum Pills make men drunk with glory. THE ORACLE. No Cum Pills doubt then you wish to know

how to extricate yourself from Cum Pills this unfortunate position NAPOLEON. It is not generally considered unfortunate, madam. Supremely fortunate rather. THE ORACLE. If you think so, go on making them drunk with glory. Why trouble me with Cum Pills their foll. y will extenze make me last longer and your vectors NAPOLEON. Unluckily, madam, men are not only heroes they are make your penis harder also cowards. They desire glory but they dread death. THE ORACLE. Why should Cum Pills they Their lives are too Cum Pills short to be worth living. That Cum Pills is why they think your game of war worth playing. NAPOLEON. They do not look at it quite in that way. The most dfo male nen buff enhancement worthless soldier wants to live for ever. To make him risk being killed by the enemy I have to convince him that if he hesitates he will inevitably be shot at Cum Pills dawn by his own comrades for cowardice. THE ORACLE. And if his comrades refuse to shoot him NAPOLEON. They will be shot too, of course. THE ORACLE. By whom NAPOLEON. By their comrades. male enhancement pill in a capsule single THE ORACLE. And if the. y refuse NAPOLEON. Up to a certain point they do not vimulti male enhancement and duration s refuse. THE ORACLE. But when that point is reached, you have to do the shooting yourse

Cum Pills

lf, eh NAPOLEON. Unfortunately, Cum Pills madam, when that point is reached, they shoot me. THE ORACLE. Mf It seems to me they might as well shoot you first as last. Why don t they NAPOLEON. Because Cum Pills their love of fighting, their Cum Pills desire for glory, their shame of being branded as dastards, their instinct to test themselves in terrible trials, their fear of being killed or enslaved by the enemy, their belief Cum Pills that they are defending their hearths and homes, overcome their natural cowardice, and make them willing Cum Pills not only to risk their own lives but Cum Pills to kill ev.eryone who refuses to take that risk. But if war continues too long, there comes a time when the soldiers, and also the taxpayers who are supporting and munitioning them, reach a condition which they describe as being fed up. The troops have proved their courage, and want to go home and enjoy in peace the glory it has earned them. Besides, the risk of death for each soldier becomes a certainty if the fighting goes on for ever he hopes to escape for six months, but knows he cannot escape for six years. The risk of bank

ruptcy for the citizen becomes Cum Pills a certainty in the same way. Now what does this mean for me THE ORACLE. Cum Pills Does that matter in the midst power up male enhancement of such calamity Cum Pills NAPOLEON. Psha ma. dam it is the only Cum Pills thing that matters the value of human life is penetrex review male enhancement the value of the greatest living man. Cut off that infinitesimal layer of grey matter which distinguishes my brain from that of the common Cum Pills man, and you cut down the stature of humanity from that of a giant to that of a nobody. I matter supremely my soldiers do not matter at all there are plenty more where they came from. If you kill Cum Pills me, or put a stop to my activity it is the same thing , the nobler part of human penis enhacement life perishes. You must save the world from that catastrophe, madam. War has made me popular, powerful, famous, historically immortal. But I foresee that if I go on to the end it will leave me execrated, dethr. oned, imprisoned, male enhancement pills that make you bigger perhaps executed. Yet if I stop fighting I commit suicide as a great man me 72 male enhancement and become a common one. How am I to escape Cum Pills the horns of this tragic dilemma Victory I can guarantee I am invincible. But Cum Pills t